I design 2-3 new patterns each month and offer classes. I’m a Real Estate Broker, have been knitting over 30 years, designing for several years, publishing for 5 years.

In order to explain me I first have to share my folks.

My father was a master home builder whom detested wasted space. "Wasted Space!" Oh, if only I had a buck for every time I heard that term. He was also an accomplished painter, sculptor, and woodworker. My mother was devoted to her needlepoint, having chosen the medium over all of her other artistic skills. She was also a very insistent but constructive critic. Their influences are why I strive to occupy my entire knit canvas with movement, being very careful to make sure the wrong side is in fact as "Nice and Neat" as the right.

My designs are active and balanced. My techniques, especially for working cables, are unique and the finished results are well worth the approach and effort.

It was my former mother-in-law that taught me to knit. Rosalie, the "Rose" of my moniker, shared her Workbasket magazines with me. I took off on my own, changing this and that, correcting errors in the text, and successfully finished two sweaters. One of which I continue to wear over thirty years later.

I use natural fibers as a rule but do include from time to time wonderful blends of elastics. My favorite fibers are sheep and buffalo wools, polished cottons, and silks. I love buttons, large buttons, many buttons, handmade buttons, buttons selected for my piece by a fellow button lover.

I dread finishing. This is why I construct my works and my patterns with proactive steps so as to minimize the task. This I do for me, to appease my laziness. Life is short. I began publishing quest after several years of wanting to publish. I am capable of procrastinating with alarming enthusiasm and efficiency and, I often do, immediately after weighing alternatives.

I also research and mark my path with the same devotion. Publishing is a huge undertaking and I'm no Lemming in the stages of venture. Publishing takes time and devotion to fellow users of sticks and string. The attention a pattern; the math, charts, images, and instruction consume is more than the sample requires. The effort means nothing if my work doesn't warrant attention - the most important result. I do enjoy the accomplishment. It's been rewarding.

My folks were able to see my beginning in this venture. It was my father's input that produced the "Lavatera" in my trademark and my mother's awesome praise that led me to expand my devotion to the art Rosalie shared with me.

Here's my work with my pleasure and my hope you find your time is well spent being here.